Is It Possible to Upload My Own Products?

In the beginning not, but we are developing this feature, to be available as soon as possible. You will be able to add your products in the administration portal of the TronShop soon.

How Can I Choose the Supplier and Upload His Products?

You simply elect the desired supplier in the administration and his products will be automatically uploaded in your webshop.

How can I set my margins and selling price?

In the administration portal you can set up various margins, discounts, price levels and pricing policies. For the more detailed description please visit this site.

How to Change Visual Layouts of My TronShop?

We really don’t want to provide hundreds of the same uniform shops. We like creativity and also we know, that to differ is really important for your brand, business, and sales. And the best of all is, that you can set it up by yourself. No IT knowledge or assistance needed. You can set up different header, footer, menu guidance, window shape, category display, product description look, etc. We will constantly add more than 800 combinations of visual look and other dozens of on-click personalization options.

For more detailed info about visual settings, please visit this site.

How Can I Change the Banners and Sliders?

Yes, you can design your own banners, sliders, define the places, where will be displayed, the period, how long you want it to be displayed, etc. For the detailed description, please visit this page.

How Do I Get Access to the Back Office of the TronShop?

Yes, you can manage and set up your TronShop easily and by yourself as well as all the PromoTron services and tools in our administration portal.