Can I also Add Links to the External Pages?

Everything you insert into your TronShop can be linked. You can also choose whether to open the link in the existing window or in a new page.

Can Special Pages Be Integrated?

Yes. In case you want to create some special page just contact us. We can always develop a special page or content for you as a paid service. Please contact us on

What to Do in Case I Do Have Some Special Requirements?

Just describe your requirements and send your request on>. We will do our best to meet your requirements and tailor your version of TronShop to your needs as best as possible.

How Can I Customize My Webshop Look?

Simply in the section Visual settings in our administration portal. For more detailed information please visit this page.

Can I Create the Pages With my Own Content?

Yes, sure. The TronShop is ready for creating your own pages with special content in desired languages. For more detailed info please visit this section.

Can I Link the TronShop to My Social Media Links?

Not now, but we plan to include integrations for the most popular social channels, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc.

Can I Rename the Categories?

Yes, you can rename the categories in the administration of the TronShop.

Can I Create My Own Categories?

The system is based on the predefined categories, but you can create your own special categories and fill it with desired products.