Which Suppliers are Available Within the Webshop?

An actual list of all affiliated suppliers and the state of the processing of their products can be foundĀ here. You can select your desired suppliers in the PromoTron Portal at the Settings.

Whats is Happening in Case the Supplier I Want Is Not Integrated in the PromoTron Platform?

This might happen. In this case, write to us, but the best way is to write the supplier, that you switched for the TronShop and you need them to get integrated. We began with the most significant and biggest suppliers of the EU, but we pretty understand, that you may need some local or smaller. We will try to integrate all the desired suppliers, but it may take some time.

Which Products Can I Import into My Webshop?

All the products of affiliated suppliers and manufacturers.

Are the Stocks Always Up-to-date?

Sure. We are updating the stock Infos every night, so everything will be always up-to-date.