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Setting the TronShop Domain

To use your domain (or subdomain) instead of, you must first configure your domain’s DNS records. This must be done by you because we do not have and do not want access to manage and edit another domain. Ask your IT department to help you with this, as some technical knowledge is required.
There are two ways to change the required DNS records for a domain, depending on what you want to do:

WEBSHOP UNDER COMPLETE DOMAIN = available at and also at

It is necessary to add (or edit) two DNS records. So if customer domain will by, DNS records will be:

Domain                                      DNS Record Type                 Value                          A                                          CNAME                         <code>

WEBSHOP ONLY UNDER SOME SUBDOMAIN = available at a subdomain like

It is necessary to add (or edit) one DNS record. So if customer domain will by, DNS records will be:

Domain                                    DNS Record Type           Value              CNAME                         <code>

… and instead of  <code> will be webshop code we assigned to customer = in result eg.

When this configuration will be done, it can take up to 24 hours until DNS will be delegated across the globe (but very often it take just a several dozen minutes or hours).