Setup Your Webshop Look

Visual Settings Section

You can find all the visual settings in the Visual Settings subsection, located in the Settings section. In Visual Settings, the user can choose, for example, the colors he wants to use, the layout of individual elements and parts of the website, the display, and properties of components, etc.

For better orientation in the appearance settings of individual parts, the Visual Settings section is divided into subpages:

  • Theme Settings – setting the primary appearance of the webshop, where you can set colors, font style, upload your own logo, or special visual elements such as window shadows or round corners
  • Header & Footer – in this section you choose how you want your header/footer to look
  • Homepage – on this page you can define exactly what each block should look like on your homepage, whether you want to display recommended categories, best selling products or large banner campaign slider
  • Product Listing –  you can also customize the look product searching in the catalog from the options you choose, for example, to display filters in the sidebar or above the product listing. Or if you want to have a list of recommended products for each category above the product listing. All this can be set up in the Product Listing section using simple checkboxes.
  • Product Detail –  the checkboxes allow you quickly and easily control what information you want to appear on your product page.
  • Product Cards –  during the searching the product catalog, the clarity of information and the ability to quickly compare products within a given category are both very important. This can be done by the setting of appearance and items of each product card. You can choose to display information of each product variant, conversion button, product description, and much more.
  • Shopping Process –  if you do not want your customer to be distracted during the ordering, enable the option to display an alternate reduced version of the header. More information can be found in the Shopping Process settings.

Color Settings

In the Theme Settings section in the Theme Colors tab, it is possible to choose the option “Use Custom Colors”, where individual user colors will be used for individual parts of the website. This color setting can be changed in any way on this page below, where the individual parts are divided into subsections:

  • Base –  Set the main corporate colors to be used on the conversion buttons and other important shop elements
  • Header –  customize the appearance of each header part or the background as well as the background you want to be used use below the category list in the navigation stripe
  • Content – here you can choose what background you want for the whole page, what background you want behind individual elements such as product cards or filters, and also what colors you want to be used for form headers
  • Footer
    here you can set the background and colors of links in the footer of your webshop

Then, for each box in the section, you need to set which color you want to be used the background and the color for the text, displayed on this background. All changes must be saved by the Save button.

In case you don’t want to set colors for each element, or you are not sure what color combination you would like, you can try some of the pre-set color combinations from the Use PresetColor Themes tab, which you can activate by selecting the desired option at the top of the Theme SettingsTheme Colors page

TronShop offers a wide range of visual customization. You can choose whether you want to use individual shading, how strong will be the frame borders or which fonts will be used for the texts. You can set all these options and much more in the Theme Settings section.

Personalization options in the predefined options will be gradually added in new updates and in case you want to customize the look much more, please feel free to contact us. We will discuss the possibilities of specific graphic requirements.

Header & Footer Settings

Header is the key point of any webshop and also of the navigation within the catalog. In the Header & Footer section, you can set the look of the header of your webshop, whether it should move while browsing the web, or remain fixed, etc.

In the Footer section, you can then customize the footer parts, so that your customers can easily access all the information without getting lost.

Product Cards Personalization

Na stránkách Product ListingProduct Detail a Product Cards můžete měnit vzhled produktových stránek i detail zobrazení konkrétního produktu. Nastavit můžete vše od rozložení informací v náhledech produktů až po zobrazení informací na produktových stránkách. In the Product Listing, Product Detail, and Product Cards sections, you can change the look of product pages and the display detail of any specific product. You can set everything from layout information in product previews to displaying information on product pages.