Settings and Options

Language Mutations Settings

Do you want to have a multilingual webshop? With TronShop everything will be ready within just a few clicks!

All you have to do is click on the “+” button in the Settings section of the Languages subsection, and select the language you want to add from the displayed list. Just remember that it is necessary to keep on mind, that a new language mutation will need all your content (pages, banners, etc.) to be translated in the given language for this mutation.

Currency Settings

Do you want your customers to see the prices in different currencies? Within just a few clicks you can include any currency into your TronShop immediately.

All you have to do is click on the “+” button on the Currencies subsection in the SettingsEnvironment section and to select the currencies you want to add to your TronShop from the list and set the conversion value for the default currency.

Set up of the basic TronShop information

Some components of your webshop work with your webshop information, eg your billing address, opening hours, contacts, etc. To display this information correctly, it is necessary to fill it in the subsection Basic Information inside Settings.

Fill in the information in the subsection Contacts, Opening Hours for the correct display on your website and the administration itself of your TronShop will take automatically realize the correct placement on the website.