The Selling

Shipping Methods Settings

Available shipping and payment methods are very important for customers when they buy goods online. TronShop offers the opportunity to create everything tailored exactly to your needs, including different sales policies for individual price levels (cheap products, luxury products) in just a few clicks.

First, in the Settings → Shopping → Delivery & Payments section, you must add a new shipping item using the “+” button and set its basic information – name, VAT level of this shipping, delivery timeframe so customers can infer the delivery date.


Data Setting for a Specific Shipping Option

After creating a new Shipping method item, you need to set up some important information for its correct behavior in the basket of your webshop. Enter the shipping configuration of the desired shipping method and fill in the following steps:

  • the name of the transport for each language variant
  • the price of shipping for each order value
  • the icon that will be displayed in your shopping cart for the given mode of transport
  • the payment methods with which the mode of transport can be combined

Payment Methods Settings

Payment methods are a key fragment of your webshop, which will make it complete and ready for selling. Configuration of these payment methods is very easy in TronShop and can be realized in just a few clicks.

Go to Settings → Shopping → Delivery & Payments section and use the tabs at the top to switch to Payments subsection. You can add new payment methods using the “+” button.

To add a new payment method, you will be asked to fill in the following basic information:

Name – Name of the payment method
VAT – the VAT rate for the method
Delivery Hours Range – time for shipping from receipt of order to calculate the estimated delivery date

Online Payments

Our platform supports online payments throught the Stripe payment gateway. For activate this feature, is necessary to do just few quick steps and within while, your customers can pay by card online on your webshop.

SSL certificate on your domain is required for succesfully working online payments

First, you will need Stripe account, so go to and sign up there for a account.

After sucessfull registration and account validation, you will receive in Stripe account dashboard API key, Secret key for test. These are needed to set up in TronShop administration for succesfull connection.  Go to Settings → Integrations → Online payments section, fill up the fields with your test keys and save it.

Next step is setup Webhook key. Endpoint URL for webhook key is : <YOUR-DOMAIN>/api/stripepayment enter this URL in Stripe webhook settings, in Events to send field click on the receive all events link and get a Signing secret key which you will put to the Stripe configuration in TronShop administration.

After that, you have to add payment method to the cart on your webshop. The process is same like with common payment method, described in guide higher on this page, with one little difference – you have to check Payment processing and choose Stripe from select field.

In last step, you should do testing of payment. You can do order and pay it with test credit card provided by Stripe. If everything will work well, ask Stripe for switching your account from test mode to the live mode and after succesfull approval from Stripe, switch test keys in TronShop admin portal for the live keys.

That’s all, after these few steps, your customers will be able to use online payment for their orders.

VAT Levels Settings

TronShop allows you to add and configure tax rates and levels according to your needs, even when you are trading across countries. The following steps will show you exactly how to set tax rates in your webshop.

Go to the SettingsShoppingVAT Levels subsection and use the “+” button to open a dialog where you select the tax type and then define its percentage value.

Order Limits Settings