How Do I Purchase License?

It is enough to order it on your website. Just choose the desired package o the TronShop and complete your details. Our sales department will contact you to organize the details.

Which Payment Types Do You Accept?

All the PromoTron services should be paid via wire bank transfer based on the invoice issued by PromoTron.

What are the Usage Limit for Each Plan?

The limits are defined for the each package, or you can set up your own. Basically every plan is limited by the storage capacity, performance, count of the products, number of the visitors, count of the allowed suppliers and languages/currencies. For more info please visit this page.

Are There Custom Pricing Options Available?

Sure you can configure your own package with desired quotas here.

How Do I Cancel My Account?

In case you want to cancel your account, just contact us on We will organize the rest.

Is It Possible To Upgrade My Subscription Plan?

Off course it is. You can do it anytime. Just contact us on

What Happens When My License Expires?

We will inform you before it will happen. The service will be not deactivated immediately, you will have time enough to fix it with us.

Do You Have Trial Version?

Yes, right now we provide 14 days free Trial TronShop with full functionality, so you will have plenty of time to test it. If you want to get the Trial, please contact us on .

Do You Have Free Version?

We offer one 14 days free Trial TronShop. After the expiring of this period, the service will be turned into the paid plan. You can choose from the predefined packages, or you can configure your own plan. If you want to get the Trial, please contact us on .

Is My Credit Card Information Needed to Sign Up For TronShop?

No, your Credit Card details are not requested for the subscription.

Are There Any Other Fees That I Should Know About?

All the basic fees are included in the license and it covers basic maintenance and support. To learn the price of the premium support and special customization or services, please contact us on

How Do I Renew My Subscription?

Before your subscription will expire we will contact you and you will be able to renew it. Also this information, you can find in your profile in our administration portal, where you can see, how many time of your license remains. In case of any complications, please contact us on the