The Customer Management

Customer’s Overview

Every customer of your webshop has the option to create a user account. In the following steps, we will show you, where are these accounts stored in the administration and how to manage them.

In the main menu, select the Customers section where you will find a page with an overview of all registered entities. There you can find all individual corporate and business entities. In those entities, the user’s accounts of specific persons are located.

Within the administration, you can add individual subjects using the “+” button and edit them using the pencil icon button or delete them using the trash icon button.

You can use the search box to help you to find the desired subjects.

Customer’s Detail

Each entity in the Customers section has its own page for detailed user and information management.

This data is divided into the following subsections on the subject page:

  • Persons – users, including information to a specific user
  • Contacts – contact information (Emails, phone numbers,…)
  • Addresses – list of all addresses of the subject

You can change, add or delete all this data within the administration.