Customers and Orders

Can I Lock My Webshop and Using the Access via the Login Page?

This can be solved using On-demand mutation of the TronShop. The prices will be not displayed for the common visitors – but they will be able to place the inquiry. The visitors, who will be able to log-in, will see the prices and will be able to place the inquiry.

Can I Display a Cookie Hint?

Yes. You can define in the Setting if you want to display the cookie hint or not.

Is There Any Newsletter Module in the Webshop?

No. We didn’t develop any newsletter tool, because there is plenty of better tools.

Is there Any Order Management Module?

Yes. We created an order management module in the TronShop. I can be useful for the smaller companies and also we are able to export orders into your ERP/CRM systems via our API. For more details please visit this page.

Do I Get Access to the Back Office of the TronShop?

Yes, you can manage and set up your TronShop easily and by yourself as well as all the PromoTron services and tools in our administration portal.

How Do the Inquiries or Orders Arrive?

Every order or inquiry made in the TronShop will be displayed in your order management section. There you can manage it or export them into your ERP/CRM system.

Is There also an Order Option for Sample Products?

In case that the suppliers are offering this option in their products data feeds and in case it will not “cross” with the minimum order limits you set up, then yes.