Add Some Content

In the TronShop system, each page consists of content parts, so-called “Articles“, and each article then contains its language variants. First of all, it is necessary to create an article and insert content into the given language versions, whether it is text, images, or anything else. Simply put, you need to work with content creation as follows:

  • At first, it is necessary to create the relevant article in the “Content” section in the subsection “Articles” for all language variants in which it should be displayed
  • After, you need to create a page for this article that will carry this content. Again, this happens in the “Contents” section in the “Articles” subsection. When creating (or editing) a page, you must select “Information Pages” as its “Parent” (only then will the system use the correct layout)
  • Finally, the created page needs to be edited (by clicking on the pencil icon) and in its detail set at least language versions of its URL (just the name of the page without accents with dashes or your own) + it is essential to assign the relevant article to the page in the “Page Articles” tab page can contain more articles). This is the first basic and necessary part of the article to work under the appropriate URL.

Then you have the option to add a link to this new page to the header or footer. If you want to have at the top of the “Services” bar leading to this page / article, you need to go through the “Contents” section of the “Pages” subsection “Menu” item, where you add a record of type “Internal Link” and select as parent record (parent) “Top Links Menu”. In the “Page Data” tab, you then set the language variants of what the link should look like in the header, and it is essential to then assign the relevant page to which the link should lead in the “Internal link” tab.

A more detailed description of the procedure can be found below.

New Article

In the Articles section in the subcsection Content you can create new article by clicking the button “+” button in the bottom part of the overview of previously created articles.

Each article can then have a different Type to determine its purpose:

  • Basic Information to create a content for the information subpage of the webshop shopu
  • Service Presentation to add some info to the services
  • Print Technology Presentation to add some info to the printing technologies
  • For the description of some category in your webshop use  Category Introduction
  • Marketing to add some info to the marketing
  • System Article for text info on the pages in the TronShop system, f.e., 404 – The page hasn’t been found

Potřebujete aby byl určitý obsah na vašich stránkách aktivní pouze v určitém časovém období? Nastavte Valid from a Valid to při vytváření nebo editaci článku. Do you need certain content to be active on your site for a certain period? Set up Valid from and Valid till dates, during the creating or editing an article.

Variants of articles for individual languages

During the editing of the desired article, you can insert individual language-specific variants using the “+” button at the bottom of the overview and then fill up each of the language variants with the desired content.

Creating the Page

The prepared article should be placed where you want it on the site. You can use either the site-ready pages or create your own. To create a new page, go to the Pages section in the Content subsection, select Pages from the top menu and use the “+” button at the bottom of the table with an overview of existing pages to open a dialog where you can save a blank page in the system.

Each item of the Pages can then have a different Type to determine its purpose:

  • Content Page to create the page, to link the prepared article with.
  • Product Catalogue  to create a category in the product catalog, which is then assigned to the included.
  • Menu Folder to create a folder in the administration structure to improve clarity.
  • Internal Link to create a link in the Menu only, which is then assigned a link to the desired page.
  • External Link to create a link in the Menu to redirect to other websites.

Do you need certain content to be active on your site for a certain period of time? Set up the Valid from and Valid till dates, during the creating or editing the Page.

Page Properties Settings

After creating the page, it is still necessary to set up a few basic properties of the given page so that it can fulfill its purpose properly. On the editing page, it is necessary to set its Data, URL, Image Assignments and Articles (if any). Remember that Data and URL must be set up separately for each language version of the desired page!

Adding the Link to the Navigation

After you have successfully created the page and ist content you will probably want to use this link somewhere on your website. There are several pre-arranged navigations available throughout the whole of your shop. So in one of these navigations, you will need to create a new link and define where it will be linked.

In the Pages section, select the Menus tab and use the “+” button at the bottom of the page overview to open a new link dialog. In this case, you have to select Internal Link to link to a page within your webshop or External Link in case you want to link the visitor to a website on another domain. In the item Parent then fill in which of the navigation you want to include the given link.

After creating the link, click on the link to edit it and fill in the required data (do not forget other language variants). In the Internal Link to other existing Page tab, select the “Edit” button and in the dialog select which page you want the link to be redirected on.


Uploading images and files into TronShop

Do you want to display an image on your website or attach a file to download? You can set it up in TronShop very. All you have to do is upload a specific file from your computer, whether it is an image or a downloadable file such as PDF, from the Files & Images section. Do not forget to choose what kind of file it is in the dialog. You can select:

  • Image – any image, before uploading it is recommended to reduce the image to the desired size in compressed format for faster displaying on your website
  • Document – any document file
  • Folder – For better orientation in files and pictures we recommend to create folders, you will divide the files into in the administration. Like that you can find it without having problems anytime when you will need it again.