TronLogo for Prestashop

Module installation

First, you have to download file with plugin from our webpage and install it to your Prestashop. For this, go to the Downloads section in our documentation and download file with plugin, then go to the your Prestashop administration and open Module Manager settings ( Modules → Module Manager ). There in right top corner click on button “Upload a module“, insert a download file with plugin to a new opened popup dialogue. After succesfull installation, you can do basic module configuration.


Necessary for correctly working plugin is set up API keys and products codes. You will receive Public API key and Private API key in your TronLogo admin portal, these keys you have to fill up in Prestashop module configuration fields.

Next, you have to choose where in a shop database are Supplier ID (SID) and Supplier Product Code (SPCODE).

I don’t have SID and SPCODE in webshop database yet

In that case, choose in settings 2nd option “I don’t have Supplier ID stored in PrestaShop” which will show you guide how to import codes to your products in webshop. You will have to export all products to CSV file and write manully their SID and SPCODE to that file. After it you will upload that edited CSV file to Prestashop and save it with Save button.

I already have SID and SPCODE in webshop database

For that case, choose 1st option “I already have Supplier ID stored in PrestaShop” and select in which database field you have stored codes and save it with Save button.

Visual settings

Prestashop plugin offer few options how to customize visual look on your webshop. You can change layout and position of plugin controls in webshop categories and products pages and choose which colors you want to have for buttons and box to match your design perfectly.

TronLogo data in orders

If your customers will make order on webshop, TronLogo plugin automatically attached printing motive or visualization to the order if it was set by customer, so you can easily see which motive they choose for which product and open it directly from order administration in Prestashop.